Welfare state & family

yes rather yes rather no no
1. Do you support a raise in the retirement age for both women and men (e.g. to 67)?      
2. Do you approve that the federal government provides financial support for child care outside the family?       Comment
3. Do you think that paid paternity leave of several weeks should be introduced in addition to existing maternity insurance benefits?      
4. Would you appreciate the introduction of needs-based minimum benefits for families on low income on a national level?      
5. Are you in favour of an adjustment to the benefits regulations which provide for a reduction of benefits for large families and young adults?      
6. Do you think the conversion rate regulating the BVG pension amount (second pillar) should be adjusted to the increased life expectancy and, accordingly, be reduced from 6.8% to 6.0%?      

Health care

yes rather yes rather no no
1. Would you agree to an increase in the minimum deductible relating to the compulsory basic health insurance scheme (KVG) from CHF 300 to CHF 500?       Comment
2. Do you think compulsory vaccination should be introduced on the basis of the Swiss vaccination plan?      
3. Do you think that medical treatments through complementary (alternative) methods should still be paid from basic insurance scheme (KVG) beyond 2017?      
4. Should more hospitals in Switzerland be closed down to reduce the healthcare costs?      

Education & research

yes rather yes rather no no
1. Should the government increase its efforts to support equal education opportunities (such as through vouchers for private lessons granted to students from families on low income)?      
2. Are you in favour of a harmonisation between cantonal curricula (such as through the 'Lehrplan 21' or PER projects)?      
3. Do you think that in all cantons primary schools should teach a second official language?       Comment
4. Under the integrated schooling concept, children with learning difficulties or disabilities are generally taught in regular school classes. Do you approve of this idea?       Comment
5. Do you approve of schools allowing pupils to be exempted from individual subjects or events on religious grounds (e.g. PE/swimming, school trips, sex education lessons, etc.)?       Comment
6. Should the economic benefits of research projects be taken more into account when it comes to the allocation of public funding?      

Immigration & integration

yes rather yes rather no no
1. Would you support that foreigners who have lived for at least ten years in Switzerland being given voting and electoral rights at municipal level throughout Switzerland?      
2. Should the naturalisation process for third-generation foreigners be simplified?      
3. Should the residence permit for migrants from non-EU/EFTA countries be subject to the fulfilment of binding integration agreements across Switzerland?      
4. Are you in favour of legalizing the status of sans papiers immigrants (i.e. immigrants who have no official paperwork) through a one-off, collective granting of residency permits?       Comment
5. Do you think Switzerland should accept an increased number of refugees directly from crisis regions for which the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) needs host countries (what is called quota refugees)?      

Society & ethics

yes rather yes rather no no
1. Should same-sex couples who have registered their partnership be able to adopt children?      
2. In June 2015 the Swiss people approved the relaxation of the rules for medically assisted reproduction (referendum on pre-implantation diagnosis, PID). Do you welcome this decision?      
3. Should the consumption of cannabis as well as its possession for personal use be legalised?      
4. Would you agree to the introduction of a minimum proportion of women as members of the board of directors or managements boards of companies listed on the stock exchange?      
5. Would you support the right of doctors in Switzerland to help someone die with impunity?      
6. Would you appreciate the introduction of automatic organ donation (presumed consent) in Switzerland?      
7. Do you think the federal government should withdraw from its financial support of cultural activities?      

Finances & taxes

yes rather yes rather no no
1. Should husbands and wives be separately assessed for taxation (what is called (individual taxation)?       Comment
2. Do you consider tax reductions on federal level a priority for the next four years?       Comment
3. Do you think the federal government and the cantons should accept taxation revenue losses in the framework of the company taxation reform III to avoid multinational companies transferring their places of business to other countries?      
4. Are you in favour of the introduction of a capital gains tax in relation to securities?      
5. Financially strong cantons want their payment of contributions to the financially weak cantons be reduced within the framework of the financial equalisation (NFA). Do you support this?      
6. Should the banking secret within Switzerland be abolished towards Swiss tax authorities?      

Economy & work

yes rather yes rather no no
1. Are you in favour of introducing a general minimum wage to the amount of approx. CHF 4'000 (regarding full-time employment)?       Comment
2. Should the protection against dismissal for elder employees (50 years and above) be expanded?       Comment
3. Should direct payments relating to the support of organic production be increased at the expense of traditional farms?      
4. Should the federal government's regional policy be more focused on the financial help for towns and agglomerations in the future?      
5. Should the existing import reliefs for food from the EU (Cassis de Dijon Principle) be eliminated?      
6. Are you in favour of a complete liberalisation of business hours for shops (determination of business hours at their own discretion)?      
7. Are you in favour of a general ban on advertisements for alcohol and tobacco?      


yes rather yes rather no no
1. Would you agree to a complete liberalisation of the electricity market (also for SME and private households)?      
2. A popular initiative demands that nuclear energy be completely abandoned by 2029. Are you in favour of this?      
3. Should legislation on environmental protection be relaxed to allow for the building and expansion of wind farms, solar power stations, and hydroelectric plants?      
4. Switzerland currently levies a CO2 charge on fossil fuels (heating oil, natural gas). Should this charge be extended to motor fuels (e.g. petrol, diesel)?      

Environment & transport

yes rather yes rather no no
1. Should the current moratorium on genetically modified plants and animals in Swiss agriculture be extended beyond 2017?      
2. Would you support the relaxing of legislation protecting large predators (lynx, wolves, bears)?      
3. Are you in favour of a prohibition of the use of mountain landing sites for mere tourist helicopter flights (e.g. heli-skiing)?      
4. In relation to the redevelopment of the Gotthard road tunnel, Parliament resolved upon the construction of a second tunnel tube. Are you in favour of this?      
5. Should the more heavily-used sections of Swiss motorways (e.g. Berne-Zurich and Lausanne-Geneva) be expanded to three lanes?      
6. A popular initiative demands that the entire area of construction zones in Switzerland be restricted to today's situation. Are you in favour of this issue?      

Political system

yes rather yes rather no no
1. Should the financing of political parties as well as the financing of electoral and referendum campaigns be openly declared?      
2. Resolutions made by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) are binding for Switzerland. Do you think that this is justified?      
3. Would you be in favour of introducing a compulsory general civic service (military service, extended civil service or participation in municipality militias) for men and women?      

Justice & security

yes rather yes rather no no
1. Are you in favour of a considerable reduction of the number of soldiers to 100'000 at most?       Comment
2. There has been an increasing tightening of rules on the acquisition and possession of weapons in recent years. Do you welcome this development?      
3. Should the powers of the security services be increased to include preventative surveillance of communication by post, e-mail and telephone?      
4. Should juvenile criminal law place greater emphasis on longer periods of detention in closed institutions than on re-socialization measures?      
5. Switzerland has one of the toughest laws against speeding. Should the law be relaxed?      
6. Should Switzerland terminate the Schengen Agreement with the EU and reintroduce increased identity checks directly on the border?       Comment

External relations

yes rather yes rather no no
1. Should Switzerland embark on negotiations in the next four years to join the EU?       Comment
2. Do you consider the strict implementation of the large-scale immigration initiative to have priority over the continuation of bilateral agreements with the EU?       Comment
3. Should Switzerland start negotiations with the USA on a free trade agreement?      
4. Should liability regulations for companies operating from Switzerland be tightened with regard to the compliance with human rights and environmental standards?      
5. Do you think that Swiss foreign policy should increasingly be oriented to a strict interpretation of neutrality?      

Federal budget

considerably less less same more considerably more
1. Development aid and economic cooperation 3'000 Mio. CHF        
2. National defence 4'700 Mio. CHF         Comment
3. Public security 1'100 Mio. CHF         Comment
4. Education and research 7'400 Mio. CHF        
5. Social services 22'400 Mio. CHF        
6. Road traffic 3'100 Mio. CHF        
7. Public transport 5'300 Mio. CHF        
8. Environment and land planning 1'500 Mio. CHF        
9. Agriculture 3'700 Mio. CHF        
10. Contributions to the cantons in the context of financial equalisation 3'200 Mio. CHF