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Newstest.ch is a new digital self-test to check your skills in dealing with news on the Internet: newstest.ch (de, fr) >

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Since 2003, smartvote has been developed and operated by the politically neutral non-profit association Politools.

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New analysis on election promises

A comparison of 34 smartvote answers from the 2019 questionnaire with parliamentary votes from the past legislature shows a fairly high level of agreement. Details of the evaluation can be found in our blog post: blog.smartvote.ch (de, fr) >

Summer session from May 27 to June 14, 2024

  • All parliamentary votes
  • Statistics on attendance, party unity and success
  • Rankings on, e.g., foreign policy and liberal vs. conservative
  • Profiles of parties and council members
  • And much more...

smartmonitor (de, fr) >

Digitalization Monitor 2023

The Digitalization Monitor makes the digital policy positions of the candidates transparent and offers voters a neutral orientation aid.

More information about the project at: digitalmonitor23.smartvote.ch (de, fr) >

Data protection and data security

On September 1, 2023, a new data protection law came into force in Switzerland. Therefore, we have adapted our privacy policy, the general terms of use (GTC) and the general terms and conditions (GTC) to the new requirements in order to continue to ensure responsible handling of your data.

For more information see: Terms of use & data protection (de, fr)>