Gemeinderatswahlen Zürich 2022
  • AL
  • die Mitte
  • EDU
  • EVP
  • FDP
  • FL Züri
  • glp
  • Grüne
  • I love ZH
  • JG
  • PdA
  • SP
  • SVP
  • Volt

Principal inertias: 48.9 %; 9.9 %


  More information about the smartmapLess information about the smartmap

The smartmap graphic shows the political positions of the candidates in a two-dimensional political space (left-right / liberal-conservative). The smartmap is based on the candidates' answers to the smartvote questionnaire. Weighting of individual questions by users have no influence on the calculation. The positions are calculated by means of correspondence analysis, this means that the questions are not assigned to the two smartmap dimensions in advance. For more information on the smartmap, see the methodology.